3 comments on “Should young Adventist men marry?

  1. Hie there adventist friend.it is great to see a site like this one addressing red pill knowledge purposely from and adventist prospective
    .howeve I disagree with you on this one. It is clear from reading the Bible that God expected and intended for most men to Marry and have awife “for this cause shall a man leave and cleave to his wife and they both shall be one “among many other text that can be quoted to prove the point. Look not because marriage has become a difficult proposition for men (the plan of the enemy) means that God has changed his plan for it. Women were made for man and the only way we as men can properly and rightfully use them is through the marriage contract God ordained. Yes most woman are in rebellion to God it started with mother Eve but that does not mean that we as mean like our father Adam should loose faith.this is exactly what Saten wants so he can furtur distroy the image of God in man.God made man with the strong desire for intimacy and mademarriage for the full fillment of that desire.Saten knew this and worked to destroy marraige using the weaker vessel (the seem way he did in the garden of Eden ) so that men would seek intimacy out side its rightful place.some can but the vast majority of men will not abide indefinite celibacy.the two choices then become marriage or fornication.we know were God stands on the matter. All that being said no one should be forced or shamed into marriage just for marriage sake. All those wanting sexual intimacy as Christians need to prayerfully asked God for a spouse especially men as women in general have lost touch with reality and sadly there is little to no biblical admonition given to them these days .

    • With all dew respect ‘Techman’, your opinion is weak and pathetic. If you are too weak to learn self control and don’t trust the Lord to teach you, then run into marriage. There is a reason that Jesus commends Peter when he says that ‘It is not good for a man to marry’. There is a reason that the desciples never married, nor did most of the prophets. The text that you are quoting only implies that a man should not stay in his father’s household or that of his in-laws after marriage but start his own household, where he is the leader. Modern christian men are weaklings looking for some sort of religious reason to succumb to their sexual urges at the sacrifice of principle; all while pretending that it is in service to God. The intimacy that we are designed to desire is intimacy with God, fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Hearts that are lacking in this intimacy with the Lord replace God with a human, and hence sexual intimacy becomes the greatest desire of the man whose heart is not open to God. In other words, these men idolize women i.e. they have made idols out of women. Sexual intimacy is not a human need that must be fulfilled but rather a priviledge of marriage. Now if that marriage doesn’t help you to serve God better and to grow as a christian then clearly it is not God’s highest purpose or intention for you. Entering such a marriage for the sake of sex in a rebellion against God and His pricinciples.

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