By now as an Adventist man you have figured out that there is something wrong with the dating scene in the Adventist church.  Your attempts to take a look outside the church demonstrate that things are just as bad out there.

Fortunately for the community are large there are many resources to help men understand what is happening in the world.  There are also resources to help Christian men in general with the dating scene.  There is little that I’m aware of that specifically caters to the Adventist man and yet there should be.

This blog will deal with the specifics regarding the Adventist scene but will also look out to the general Christian and secular communities for relevant information that will help an Adventist man who is interested in maintaining his Adventist moral values.

About the author.  Married in the mid eighties and still married to the same.  Have seen many a man put through the meat grinder known as the family court.  Men who love their children.  He has stood in court on behalf of his brother defending him before the court and successfully had a DVO application dismissed.  It was this experience that pushed him over the edge and caused him to study the field from the perspective of how things are for men in this day and age.

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